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11-19-2012, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by danishh View Post
honestly, as a jays fan and a physiology grad student, i'm more worried about the loss of the placebo effect than anything with cabrera.

from the studies i've read, after power (an area cabrera didnt really improve that much), the most significant effect of anabolic steroids (and therefore testosterone) is the placebo effect, or in other words the boost in confidence a player who is juicing gets from the knowledge that they are juicing.
Two important things to consider also:

- When you stop cycling you lose a fairly decent amount of strength gained while on steroids. There is an official number out there, but I think it was something in the range of 15%.

- That considered, it would be incredibly illogical to cycle anything serious (Serious meaning anything that could possibly yield any actual performance enhancement in regards to Baseball) during a Baseball season. You simply don't have enough time to train and eat enough (and to the extent) that you should while cycling. So I would be shocked if any players cycled seriously during a aside from any muscle and strength gained during the offseason which steroids would only marginally increase during their offseason...there isn't a lot if any performance enhancing going on.

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