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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
Naylor is either a complete idiot, or hasn't followed the league very long. Kerry Joseph has a Grey Cup ring, as does Marcus Crandell. Kevin Glenn has now reached two Grey Cups. Buck Pierce has been to one. Yeah, that's a real list of franchise QBs there....

Meanwhile a guy that some people would probably put in the Hall of Fame, he being Henry Burris, has been to just a single Grey Cup in his career. Ricky Ray will be playing in his first one in 7 years. Anthony Calvillo lost a Grey Cup to Derian Durant (even if he has a ring to show for it).

I normally don't mind hearing what Naylor has to say, but the notion that a franchise QB is a must-have in the CFL is just plain wrong. Of course it helps, but there are plenty of examples of teams being successful without one.
No he didn't. Montreal won that grey cup. No one would talk about that penalty if it was in the first quarter as costing the Riders a grey cup. A penalty is a penalty. Doesn't matter when it happens. Montreal won. Saskatchewan Lost. Thats the end of it.

On Naylor he's a insider. He's very good at what he does although some of his arguments are one sided. Im pretty sure Naylor was at a training camp for the Riders one year quite a few years back. He know's a lot about the game.

I think having a franchise quarter-back is very important. Joseph won a grey cup. That's it, that's all. I think Joseph was in the same boat as Tillman was when he won his, he was just there at the right time. If you have a franchise QB you can become a dynasty. Without one sure you might win a grey cup or two but you won't be this team that makes it to the grey cup year after year. (Of course you will still need a supporting cast to make it there)

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