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Originally Posted by WilderPegasus View Post

1.Except those companies tend to have classic timeless logos or they don't make millions selling their logo on merchandise.

2. Plenty of other companies have altered their logo when it becomes dated. Starbucks, who have a logo that is far more iconic than the Oilers could ever hope to be, have altered their logo in recent times.

3. Maybe in Edmonton but everywhere else in the world looks at the lame logo and thinks that Edmonton must be a place that is still living in the 70's.
1. Again, thats all subjective. Believe it or not, not everyone thinks those logos are classic and timeless, some have the same low opinion of them as you do for the oilers logo...for many reasons such as jealousy, ego, fear, hate, anger, and other emotions that cloud judgement. The point is that these are all based on emotion and not in logic or reason which is what you're trying to pass it off as, except your argument is not very convincing. It's an appeal to the emotions of other like minded individuals like yourself who have a dislike for our team. Your prejudice and bias is apparent.

How about you keep things in perspective and use merchandising in the context of NHL teams or sports teams as opposed to comparing it to the richest company in the world? Im comparing company identities and their logos, not revenue. And the oilers sell their brand just fine, and I'm sure they're doing great business these days selling their new generation of talent.

2. I can throw that back at you with companies like Apple, FedEx, IBM, Nike, McDonald's, KFC, 3m, Ford etc who have been using pretty much the same logo for decades. Who said that the Starbucks logo change was widely accepted? When it was first revealed they were changing it, a lot of people were scratching their heads asking "why? There's nothing wrong with it." As for your comment comparing its status of an icon to the oilers' logo as an icon....ummmm, sure...thanks for your opinion, I didn't realize there were levels of "iconiness" to be adhered to be recognized as an icon.

3.Really? You've talked to everyone else in the world and that's what they think? Or is that just what you think?

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