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11-19-2012, 05:21 AM
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Originally Posted by craigcaulks View Post
We need to move on from the 80's. The Oil have spent as much time in the NHL being a doormat as they have been a dominant team. While that's certainly not a big deal, this idea that the Oilers and the jersey are somehow iconic is hilarious. In Edmonton I have no doubt it is, but that can't be what we are talking about.

But we can nitpick stats all day long to avoid the actual topic, that seems to be the theme.
Why? Typically it is because your team has no success at all worth noting so you try to cling to some superficial regular season success this year and make it more important than 5 Stanley Cups because it happened this year. Not even close to reality.

Are you trying to suggest that anything not happening this very day is worthless? There is a reason people in the hockey world continually talk about the 80s Oilers. There is a reason we hang Stanley Cup banners are retire jersey numbers. That level of success is ALWAYS relevant and ALWAYS important. It is why we play the games.

50 years from now, people who aren't even born yet will debate the 70s Canadiens, 80s Islanders and 80s Oilers as to which is the greatest hockey franchise of all time. Nobody will care who made the playoffs in 2012 or who finished 4th in the West rather than 5th. Quick - how did the Canucks do in 1997? You have to Google it because nobody remembers and nobody cares - they didn't win the Cup.

The only team success that matters in the NHL is Stanley Cups. Win one in 1934 or 2012, it is still the pinnacle of NHL success and will be talked about forever. Win 5 cups in 7 years and that will be talked about as possibly the greatest team in the history of the sport.

Nobody needs to move on from the 80s or any other Cup winning years. The only team right now that has bragging rights is the LA Kings. The other 29 teams are all equally losers because they don't possess the only team prize worth possessing. Winning Cups is all that matters and it should always be celebrated.

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