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11-19-2012, 04:36 AM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
The idea of acquiring Luongo is extremely shortsighted, especially if it comes at some of the ridiculous prices proposed here. He's 33 years old and comes with a contract that requires him to be our #1 for the long run no matter how quickly he regresses. We've got a 24 year old goaltender who could potentially be our star goaltender of the future, and trading for Luongo ensures that will never happen. It's one thing to make that move if you don't give up a substantial portion of the future that allows you to improve the team around him, but when we start combining things like Kadri, Colborne, Biggs and a 1st, is when it just makes no sense.

There is no sarcasm here. There's a reason each one of those teams aren't interested. Yeah, you can wait until one of those teams becomes interested (and Luongo's value drops as he gets older, distances himself from the time when he was the undisputed #1), and pray that the market for a guy like Luongo picks up enough to counter that -- not very good asset management.

Yeah, I hype up Reimer, you hype up Schneider. At the end of the day it's all the same. One's got great numbers, the other's younger and got #1 experience. So put the shoe on the other foot. If you're moving Luongo to give the reins to Cory Schneider with 68 games of NHL experience and minimal time as an actual #1, why should Toronto be trading for Luongo to block their young goaltender?

Because Reimer wishes he was Schneider. And Burke, despite that wish, knows better. Hence, his comments on his goaltending position. So you really can hype Reimer all you want, but it's a good thing Burke doesn't share your viewpoint, trade or no trade.

Now then, I'm noticing this argument from some TO fans: That Luongo doesn't fit the rebuild game plan. That he is too old to help them compete in their optimal window. For what it's worth, I think that is correct. He is too old to help them compete in their optimal window, give the age group of the majority of the players. Here's the thing though: The window is not an eventuality. Meaning, TO can plan to have their young/mid-age players coalesce to produce a perennial winner, but this is in fact not a linear occurrence.

A GM can plan 5 yrs in advance. He can stack the deck as much as possible, and still not have his team come together when he needs it to. That's just a fact. For instance, there was talk only last year that Lombardi would be fired if his team didn't make the playoffs. This, with a very good LA team. Essentially, showing that there's no guaranteed formula, and that teams always looking to the horizon can get caught always looking there.

Luongo is available. TO has the most pressing need of all NHL teams. The transaction itself is very apparent. All the other stuff about rebuild plans and VAN being able to keep Luongo forever is noise.

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