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11-19-2012, 05:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Clowe Me View Post
Do you really think so? They're losing Swisher, maybe Kuroda and who knows what they'll get out of A-Rod. Jeter is coming off an injury, which will likely hinder him at a position he already has no range at. Pineda will miss another season and Soriano is likely gone. The Yanks have serious question marks at this time.

Why should he? He won't if he has another season of 1/1 SO/BB.

Dunn was injured and had issues with Guillen. 2 totally different scenarios involving 2 completely different players.

Maybe, but that's quite a bit to expect. Time will tell.

I simply can't call Romero a quality pitcher until he looks like the guy from 2010. There have been a lot of young pitchers with 2-3 good years to start a career who then flame out.

Happ is the definition of Average. He's nothing more than a long guy/filler.

That is true. Some more than others.
I hope you're right

Because he did the previous 2 seasons? Last season there was lots of pressure on him to pitch and go deep into games.

Maybe not a sub 3 but he has always had great stuff. Just was inconsistent with it. But if you think Romero will struggle due to last year, you must really like Morrow.

2011 he was just as good. Romeros numbers don't lie, he was terrible last year. Command was way off but my guess is he rebounds with the extra help. I'd kill for us to go after Greinke but its a big pipe dream. Our spending is likely done.

Happ as your 5th still is good. He isn't great, just saying its not bad as your number 5. Wouldn't mind adding Marcum or someone though

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