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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
It remains to be seen but I highly doubt they win again, even once. For starters in order to win they need to actually sit down like grown ups and sign a deal rather than sulking. Secondly, the Kings seem to lack some top shelf talent and teams like Pittsburgh and Detroit who won a singular Cup and another trip to the final never won more than one either. They had some all-time greats on their team as well. The Kings were more or less a team that was "there" to win it. Much like Boston in 2011. Good for them and all, but no one is going to be telling their grandkids about the L.A. Kings someday.
I agree that I think it is highly unlikely that the Kings win the next Cup, but I don't agree that the Kings don't have top shelf talent. In fact I would argue they have more top shelf talent than Pittsburgh. The difference, like Boston, is that the best of their top shelf talent is in goal and on D and their forwards are pretty impressive if you stop to think about it for a minute just like Boston's are.

Neither of those teams has Crosby or Malkin, but after that both Boston and LA are far, far better teams and the only question is can Crosby and Malkin balance the disparity in talent.

If this wasn't a capped league then the Penguins could build a dynasty because they have those players.

I am also 100% positive there will be people telling their grandkids about the LA Kings, their playoff performance was one of the most dominating ever, do you really think that people won't talk about a team that almost didn't make the playoffs and had serious trouble scoring all of a sudden turned into a steam roller in the playoffs?

People will make it out to be better than it was because it is a great story, LA's first Cup and the other reasons I mentioned. It bored me to be honest.

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