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11-19-2012, 06:19 AM
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The weirdest thing happened while playing bagm. It's like year 2016/17 and I get offered m.a fleury for a couple of firsts for that years draft. He still elite at 87 but at 6.8 million. It's not bad but I already have a 4.5 star goalie in his second year who is already an 83. So inevitably I decline but as I do so I take a quick look at the roster. Here's the weird part. Well not weird but an issue with the AI. Crosby is no longer on the penguins. Initially I thought maybe he retired or something even at age 30 or whatever. But after going through all the teams, he now plays for Philly. And it looks like they didn't even trade much if anything at all for him. So now Philly has giroux, schenn, couturier (who I bumped to 4.5 stars) and now Crosby =S. Do you guys know how this is even possible? Not so much a trade between these two teams but a player with a full trade bar gets traded for scraps?

I can't check how it happened because i didn't notice until I got offered that trade proposal so it might be too late. I'm gonna try and take a picture and show you guys because this is easily the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

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