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11-19-2012, 08:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Barnaby View Post
The idea is to learn from mistakes... not repeat them...
I think McColgan is a real long-shot. But I atleast wouldn't mind seeing him on a ATA atleast in the pro's. He is obviously not following the route of the very few late round high scoring players of the CHL that just keeps going and ends up scoring alot in the NHL.

But sometimes these kids got kind of a second window of opertunity when they become pro's and face completely diffrent expectations. IE, in the CHL right now he is competing among scores to be the best scorer.

Lets compare that with Christian Thomas for example. In the pro's, both Thomas and McColgan will reasobaly compete with 2nd/3rd lineers to become a 2nd/3rd lineer. Sometime in that equation, you get alot of movement. The competition is still extremely tough, but its not entirely unusual that someone that the "Thomas" who managed to put up the stats in the CHL don't cut it while a McColgan comes very strong from behind and achieve more. They are just asked to do diffrent stuff than they were in the CHL. No matter what, its a huge long shot, and I am not terribly impressed with McColgan or anything. But I do think that the kid is a decent hockey player, and he plays the game with alot of energy and is somewhat shifty.

My point is just, you see so many players like Brodie Dupont, Thomas Zabrosky and co come on your boards through the drafts year after year, and they do not really have anything that is NHL caliber; then you see players like Thomas who got a NHL caliber nose for the net, but not terribly much more besides a great workethic; that when you see someone like say Weise who got a NHL motor or someone like McColgan who also has the intensity that could cut it in the NHL -- you atleast want to see what they can do. On the other side of the scale, you gotta recognize that he is darn small and its of course very questionable if he could make it no matter what. But the kid got something atleast.

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