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11-19-2012, 07:55 AM
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My first pick of the round will round out my defense quite nicely. I need a righty on the third pairing and this guy has logged some pretty good minutes over his career and he has a good resume both offensively and defensively.

D Gord Murphy

I'm not 100% sure how to do the exact career ATOI (because I figure you have to weight it for games played and what not) but I have him up over 22 gaining on 23 minutes per night for over 900 games (incl. playoffs). He played in all situations, he led his clubs in even strength time very often and when he didn't he was right up there (including 1999 when it seems that just about every Panther d-man played 16/night). I have him as a #1 for about half of his career basically in ES time, which is impressive.

He brings a lot to the table. Kind of jack of all trades, master of none type of guy. Good skater, good offensively and could work the puck on the power play. Solid on the PK because of positioning and stick skills. Not much of a bruiser certainly, but he'll be paired with Luke Richardson (or Sean O'Donnell), so that'll take care of itself. A player that adapted from the high-flying 80's brand of hockey into a really steady player in the 90's while being looked at as a leader on the expansion Panthers (who made that team run under his watch in 1996).

Next I got a guy that adds even more speed to my forward lineup, he's a good player offensively and with his speed and smarts can get it done defensively just fine. Played a lot of power play and some PK over his career. 6x 20-goal scorer (if you give him the '94 lockout - 14 in 48 games). I'll do more on him when I have time, but he might even be a better fit for my 2nd line than 4th, we'll see...

RW/C Nelson Emerson

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