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11-19-2012, 08:30 AM
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Can we get an update? Do we know if their pina coladas come with little umbrellas? Seriously as a unionized worker I support unions but when you already make millions doing what you love, it's hard to fathom that you can't live comfortably on that. That's also not including endorsements and investments. This isn't about improving working conditions, it's about greed...pure and simple. I guess no matter how much you make it's never enough. As a matter of fact the number of athletes that go broke after they retire is surprisingly high!

Having 2 major lockouts in such a short time span proves that this league is a mess. Whatever comes out of this I hope that they settle things in such a way that they never have to go through this again but I highly doubt it. Somewhere, the spirits of the hockey legends are turning in their grave.

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