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Originally Posted by danincanada View Post
Unfortunately, there is not a lot of data for this and therefore people don't get very far if they try to research about the growth of the talent pool.

However, hockey has certainly continued to grow as a sport and population sure isn't declining.
Still hockey is effectively a two continent sport - NA (only 2 of 23 countries contribute) and Europe(maybe 12 of the app 50 countries contribute). This is being generous since most countries from both continents do not contribute NHL hockey players.

NA and Europe rank 4th and 3rd in terms of continental population out of all the continents.

From 1951 thru 2011 Canada's population went from just over 14,000,000 to app 34, 275,000 or app a 2.5 growth rate

2010-11 NHL season featured 482 Canadian skaters and 42 goalies.Adjusting for roster size and the tandem goal system this is the equivalent of 30 teams of 16 skaters and 1 goalie with 12 goalies left over in 1951 terms. So in terms of producing NHL players the Canadian population has outperformed the population growth. Plus the same population is a major contributor to stocking the various minor leagues in NA, the CHL, European leagues, NCAA hockey programs, etc.

The world population is not declining but it is not hockey friendly either nor is it performing at the level Canada is in producing professional or potential professional players.

As for the actual number of Canadiens playing hockey in 1951 or 1961 or points before or after, it does not matter since there is no link between population growth and the production of NHL hockey players by a country. The above clearly showed this. What matters is year round access to facilities and coaching.

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