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Originally Posted by AD1066 View Post
I'd recommend some Sean Skinner stickhandling videos if you can find them.

He covers every stickhandling topic imaginable, from the very basics to advanced dekes.
Originally Posted by #66 View Post
You can easily build up strength and flexibility in you wrists at home. Use a ball, puck or a weighted puck...

I'm a righty so you might have to do a mirror image... stick handle, cross body, on the left side of your left foot, then in front of you, then on an angle in front of your right foot, next a full front to back motion on you side, then in back of your right foot and at last fully in back of you... as you get better pull the puck through your feet and start exaggerated movements. Marching while doing this looks and sounds stupid but moving your feet and hands at the same time is a great asset to have.

You can even put stools or chairs around you to make you get used to putting the puck through a hole and picking it up on the other side.

Also get used to the angles the puck is at instead of what you see with your eyes. There is a ton of room to get a puck through a defenders "holes".

Practice general puck handling ability/shooting, & the 'moves' will come. Different situations require different 'moves'.

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