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Originally Posted by hockeylegend11 View Post
As I see 1st rders Adam Bateman and Jordan Maletta struggle,i looked up to see what could have been had the Spits drafted differently as it relates to taking Hunter Smith at #37 in the 2nd rd and trading for Bateman who was picked 19th o/a in the 1st rd
For example instead of trading for Bateman they could have drafted Bigras who was picked at 39 by Owen Sd in the 2nd,in fact they could drafted in the 1st at 13 and then at 37 taken,Joseph Blandisi at 37 instead of Smith,and in the 5th at 84 could have drafted Justin Bailey of Kitch who was drafted at 126th,instead of Sam Studnicka
It should be noted that other teams missed the boat,including London who took Jammes at 29,instead of Bigras or Blandisi
In 2010 Spits at 20th in the 1st took G.Webermin,but the prizes they missed on were Tom Wilson who was chosen 26th by Ply in the 2nd,and /or Def Adam Pelech who was chosen 1 pick later at 21 by Erie
It again should be noted that other teams such as London who chose Chris Tierney at 19th in the 1st and Kitch who Matia Marcantuoni at 18th in the 1st
Just think if the Spits had drafted differently how things might have looked
Bigras,Blandisi and Wilson or Pelech would certainly look better then Bateman,the departed H.Smith and Grant Webermin,plus choosing Justin Bailey instead of Studnicka
I am sure London and Kitchener may feel the same,think how much better those teams would be
Goes to show how drafting is a not a perfect science
I still don't think Tierney was a bad pick, he had a very good playoff for London last year, was a 2nd round NHL pick. He's probably a victim of circumstance with being the #3 center because they drafted Broadhurst and he's come in and made instant impact. Tierney in another place would be a 15g 40a guy. Tierney made terrific strides from year 1 to year 2.

Bigras and Wilson are the big whiffs. Bigras because the Spits D is a dumpster fire and with Wilson because they lack a physical force up front that can score goals. Blandisi was drafted over in a case like that you probably give credit to Owen Sound. Over the past 3-4 years Owen Sound has probably been the best drafting team in the league.

In 2011 Legend how different would this team be in they took Spencer Martin round 1, with their 1st pick in the 2nd round Jason Dickinson then either Bigras or Murphy with the 2nd pick in the 2nd round?

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