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Originally Posted by mschmidt64 View Post
I can't speak for others, but I'm not "blaming" the players for the league's current financial mess.

But the players need to understand that the league is in a mess right now.

And the mess is cleaned up, in large part, by paying the players less and capping some of the other contract things.

So the terms the owners want to impose in the CBA is really one of the main ways the league cleans up it's mess.

I blame the players for not understanding that and not being more reasonable with their demands. The players are insisting on a compensation package (or at least were insisting) that is out of line with the rest of the functional sports leagues. The NFL and NBA specifically, both have contract limits and neither pays the players over 50% of revenue.
How are the players not getting it? since day 1 they have conceded certain teams are losing money. They have also asked, "If this CBA is broken, lets work together to find a model that works." The NHL said no, give us more money. Can you see how it bothers the players? The only solution this league has is take answers out of the union's share. Anyone can see that 50% is a bandaid. Owners circumvented the rules (the rules a season was sacrificed for), they will do it again.

Regardless, the players will get to 50% as long as they protect inked deals. They will agree to more restrictions. Right now we are hung up on how much make whole covers and just how oppressive contracts will be. I don't really see what the union needs to understand.

Again, the owners issue is they can't make a profit. Yet their loses are due to expansion and southern markets, decisions made 100% by owners. In what industry do owners get a mulligan TWICE for bad decisions. The owners have no interest in the proper economic model: revenue sharing. Bettman wants the NFL model which is based on salaries covered by a massive tv deal. We need the MLB model, which works with have/have nots. We have the "pirates" of the league that need massive handouts. But we can't have the big markets handicapped by the bottom feeders... parity is a luxury for a healthy NHL, not a necessity.

If the league's model would fix the problems I could get behind their ridiculous demands. But they don't/won't work in 3-4 seasons. The bottom teams will have massive payrolls and the same earnings. Even without seeing the model, history tells me Bettman will fail. He announced himself the winner following the first two lockouts... he got the deal he wanted. He lacks foresight (27/7, no term limit, national tv deal strategy, expansion, the south). And this guy is in charge again and he only needs 7 teams to back his stupidity. 23 successful businessmen are overruled by the 8 worst business minds in the sport.

Bottom line is we lost a year of hockey so the rich teams could get richer. He wanted 30 healthy franchises and he's, according to his opinion, worse off then the last time. How is anyone in his corner or in favor of any idea he pushes? And his solution is the same thing! The owners will cheat, teams will drown.

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