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11-19-2012, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Slashers98 View Post
I'm sure that's simply because their Website is not updated.
I havent seen, heard or read anything that contradicts the Sharks website. Indeed, hard to believe that an "edgy" tech savvy club in what is effectively Silicon Valley would be so remiss as to "forget" to update their website. Ive been watching that fairly closely as it would be telling. You'd think that if he had sold his shares an announcement would've been forthcoming from both the team & the league, indicative of his intentions to sever ties with the Sharks, freeing him up to go "all in" with the Coyotes. That he hasnt done so as of yet combined with his purchase of a Junior franchise in the Bay area last summer raises some troubling questions. Youd think if he was confident in his ability to raise the capitol requirements to buy the team, get a deal done with Glendale & affect a resurrection he'd have divested himself of his San Jose' interests but no, he's still a minority owner, an NHL insider, former member of the all powerful 10 member Executive Board.

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