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Originally Posted by Damaged Goods View Post
Everyone (stars, scrubs, owners) is losing revenue because the league is dormant. The players who lose jobs because of the lockout are marginal players to begin with -- their jobs are in jeopardy every year no matter what.

Snotbubbles' point was that the real "long haul" implications don't really matter to the players because because their careers are so short. My counter-point was that the short careers belong to the marginal players who don't really have a stake in the core issues. They aren't the ones in the cross-hairs because they are small potatoes. It's just arithmetic. Limiting the contracting rights and salaries of the top paid star players (and the skill players who are one or two rungs below them) is where the real meat is. And those players have long, relatively secure careers.
Well, not really. My point was that most NHL players don't have a long haul.

% of NHL players career length (in years):

1: 23.91%
2: 13.08%
3: 10.5%
4: 7.55%
5: 5.71%
6: 5.21%
7: 3.92%

That's ~70% of the current Union membership who won't be around for the next CBA. The top 30% of players are making the other 70% fall on the sword for them. What's worse is the the top 30% are the ones who stand to gain the most from sticking to their guns, but they're also the ones who are in the best position to handle a reduction in their salaries or even a lost year. The problem is, even a marginal players thinks he's going to have a 20 year NHL career so using logic to get them to pressure the Union to strike a deal won't work, because it's always the other marginal player who is the short termer.

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