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11-19-2012, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Bryson View Post
Can we get an update? Do we know if their pina coladas come with little umbrellas? Seriously as a unionized worker I support unions but when you already make millions doing what you love, it's hard to fathom that you can't live comfortably on that. That's also not including endorsements and investments. This isn't about improving working conditions, it's about greed...pure and simple. I guess no matter how much you make it's never enough. As a matter of fact the number of athletes that go broke after they retire is surprisingly high!
if your employer asks you for a 10% salary rollback , reduce your benefits and lock you out as soon as your collective agreement is expired (which doesn't happen very often in unionised entities, since negotiations can go on 1 year+ after expiration of agreement), would you accept? because you have more then a minimum wage worker with no benefits, and comparably to him, you live "well"?

NHLPA is already conceding comparatively to their last CBA, calling them greedy is very moot point, because the same can be said about the NHL and the owners. I mean, if they don't like the risk of their business, or don't think that their investment into a ice hockey team without a fanbase in place where snow don't fall is not very good, well then they should go get a job with fixed annual income like everyone else?
Point being, it's a negotiation, that has dragged on more then it should of. At the end, revenue sharing will be split (gradually or make some exceptions concerning prior contracts), prior contracts will have to be honoured and RFA/UFA and level entry clauses will tilt in favor of the owners.
The only way i see the NHL getting more then the above, is if they stand pat and cancel the whole season or NHLPA caves in. which i highly doubt. Calculating the cost/benifit for that, would be disastrous though for the players and the owners.

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