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11-19-2012, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
man, rob blake has really taken a beating these last couple of years.

i mean, this is nuts. you can say lidstrom and blake were very close that year and that it could have gone to lidstrom. i'll even accept that lidstrom was demonstrably better that year but the trophy went to the guy with the rough and tumble game carrying a crappy team instead of the quiet swedish guy overshadowed by the six other hall of famers on his team. and, why not, let's say pronger belonged there too. it was definitely a three horse race, though pronger still had one step to go before he became pronger.

but '98 niedermayer? zubov? and teppo numminen had a fantastic year, by his standards. but '98 rob blake was basically '11 or '12 shea weber without the ryan suter. blake's d partner was garry galley. no, strike that; garry gallery at age 34.

blake wasn't pronger-- certainly not lidstrom-- on the back end. but we are now acting like he was kevin hatcher, or jovanovski at his worst. he was a very good defender with a very long reach, made game changing hip checks (not quite scott stevens, but the kind you would carry the puck down the other side of the ice to avoid), and he was nasty and punishing in his own zone. we're talking about a hall of fame defenseman at his most dominant. and you act like this is phaneuf or bryan mccabe tripping over the blueline trying to do a mohawk turn and still making a second all-star team.

i won't address the lidstrom part of this thread, nor the comparison because i don't want to get sucked into another lidstrom maelstrom. i will concede that lidstrom could certainly have won that norris. but that doesn't mean we have to paint peak rob blake with the lazy stereotype of the overrated hard hitting, hard shooting canadian defenseman who secretly can't defend.
couldn't have said it better myself. if lidstrom was "robbed" in 98, it was more than made up for with several norris's afterwards. Weber has yet to win one, even though he is constantly one of the top D-men in the game. My vote goes to Weber getting "robbed". how Lidstrom was could win the Norris with a -2 rating on a team that was +20 that year, and had the 6th best record in the NHL, is a head scratcher.

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