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Originally Posted by Nuck This View Post
But he's still bad away from the puck. Putting up points in the AHL means nothing. We see it all the time players point per game or over and can't even get a sniff in the NHL.
One thing that highlights the lack of insight in your in-depth report is that, Kadri has played well when called up. In fact he's been the best player on the ice in some games. His play away from the puck isn't bad as you state. He had a penchant for trying to carry the puck through the neutral zone and causing turnovers at times. This drove Wilson crazy, even though he played well in other areas. Note: this isn't poor play away from the puck - this is trying to do too much with it.

Kadri also isn't afraid to mix it up. He's still maturing and filling out. Just take a look at the Sedins and Kesler to figure out how long it took them to mature and you'll see the kid still has time.

That said I'd be more than thrilled if Kadri doesn't get included in any deal for a 34 year old goalie (likely age when the lockout ends), with signs of cracks and a lifetime contract. Especially when Tim Thomas will likely want to get as far away from the Whitehouse as possible and welcome a one, or two year deal. I'm thinking if he's upset with Boston -- there's no better place than T.O. to stick it to them. Also, last time I checked Thomas was a better goalie than Luongo.

So here's hoping that Gillis asks for 12 firsts and thinks Kadri is a bum -- forcing Burke to move in another direction.

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