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Originally Posted by Nalyd Psycho View Post
Of course he is a clear cut #4 who is closer to 3rd than 5th. My point is, why should I care how he compares to Tom Barrasso? He is also a clear step behind 3rd.I don't think we can say he's that close to Brodeur. He was close when he had a great year, but he was so inconsistent that it means that 25% of the time he was up there. And that's what skews the Vezina share metric, or the omission metric. When Belfour was on, yes, he'll put up results that make him look great. But your metrics do nothing to hold him accountable to the times he lost his job to Jeff Hackett, Mike Vernon and Marty Turco. With a player like Belfour, you cannot simply judge him on when he was strong. You have to judge him on when he was weak as well. And when he was weak, comparing him to Brodeur was beyond laughable. And it's not like his weakness came at the end of his career and he kept getting more chances after he stopped earning them. It's more like he'd get comfortable then just stop trying.
I think it was more like 75% of the time Belfour was strong to varying degrees but near Brodeur-level, but 25% of the time he was weak. Weird career in that he played very well for several years, had an awful year, would be moved to another city and would play awesome for a few years again. For whatever reason, Belfour tended to be awful in his last year in a city.

Believe me, I value consistency by a goalie a lot (it's great to know that going into the season, Brodeur will give you consistently high level play season after season for 17 years), but it's not the only thing.

Where do you rate a guy like Belfour who was at a Brodeur level the majority of the time, but who (unlike Brodeur), had some serious pitfalls thrown in? I think you add him pretty soon, though I'm not sure if it's this round or not.

We didn't add a post-expansion goalie last round, and I think we are due this round to add at least one. How does Belfour compare to Parent and Esposito? (And Holecek - I'm going to make a megapost on Holecek sometime this week, but don't let that stop anyone else).

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