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Originally Posted by SealsFan View Post
Ooh, you had the good stuff! GP58's and GM6 for me! Paper-thin arm pads - yes! And I had my Jacques Plante mask painted Pacific Blue (teal) with "Seals" in white/gold in the jersey-style lettering.
.... actually the GP58's were excellent pads as well, indeed, all of Coopers pads of that era were quite excellent and in most cases (at least in Ontario) the only brand readily available. CCM's, D&R's rare as Hens Teeth, only guys in Major Junior & the Pro's getting the supposed "best" in Kenesky Custom Pads, a shop & mfg based in Hamilton thats still in business to this day.

the GM6 & GM 9 Blockers identical to the GM12 though with a vinyl cuff & front as opposed to all leather; the catchers with the GM's 6&9 in some ways superior as they too had more nylon & vinyl but with a leather pocket making them easier to break-in. Not a huge difference really, and several pro's did in fact use/preferred the GM6&9 to the 12's....

as for the armpads, I mean really, what can you say? They were hideously designed. Either all cotton quilted or worse poly/cotton that didnt breathe with inserts for wafer thin pieces of rubber foam about the thickness of a Ritz Cracker. Zero shoulder or collar bone protection, and you wanted a smaller belly pad as they too were otherwise cumbersome, rigid....

and as for the Plante mask, yep, I had one too, but the cheaper model available "exclusively through Canadian Tire" for like thirty bucks that really, a tennis ball couldve shattered. Absolute piece of crap. You had to spend like $200+ to get the real deal with the ridge-lines & full wrap, back headplate, roughly double the price of what Harrison & others charged for a custom job. Interesting procedure at that; youd lie down on a bench, bathing cap on your head, straw stuck in your mouth to breath through, eyes taped shut & cotton balls shoved up your nose & into yer ear holes while the Plaster of Paris applied to your face for the mold dried over a couple of hours.

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