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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its ridiculous for Naylor, or anybody else to suggest that losing Ray puts a team back 5-10yrs. For instance:

1)Where were the Eskimos the last several years. We were back anyway, over the last 6 seasons the worst Eskimos team in decades. So wheres this notion of putting us farther back coming from?

2)Look how quickly things change in the CFL. Ray comes into the league, sets it on fire in 2003 and who saw that coming at the time? BC gets Lulay rolling, get Arland Bruce and suddenly go from a losing team to contender/CFL champs literally overnight. Welcome to the happenchance of the CFL where virtually any club can put it together any year. This is not a 5-10yr plan league. Its a 1-2year plan league. Grab a clue Naylor.

3)Its asinine how anybody can talk about what it means to be losing Ray, without fully acknowledging that Ray was a recruit who quickly found his way in the CFL. As other recruited QB's have done before. The message being is if you lose a Ray theres really no telling how long it takes to replace. Maybe the replacing is fairly instantaneous or the number could be 1-3yrs. Who knows?

4)This is a club that had Warren Moon, Tom Wilkinson, Bruce Lemmerman at the helm in the 70's. Anybody could say it would take decades for the Eskimos to recover from losing those guys. Yet they had a turnstile of remarkable QB's in Allen, Ham, Dunnigan, and the forementioned unflappable Ricky Ray. The Eskimos remained competitive, and continued to win Grey Cups.
If anything, the worst lull in decades interestingly occurred WITH RR and was the worst this team had been since the 60's. So with or without RR bounceback was required.
We are setback in terms of lacking a quality/star QB. Setback from winning a home playoff game last season.

Ray and Lulay are great examples of QB's coming into the league, and finding immediate success. So yes, the 5-10 years setback quote could be proved ridiculous if the Esks stumble upon a QB as good as Ray.
However those QB finds seldom happen. It seems like a very difficult exercise to develop a really good CFL QB- how many teams average one a decade? That is the basis for the 5-10 years comment.

All those clubs were well managed with proper QB succession plans in place.
Blame who you want, but I don't blame our 60's-esque mediocrity on Ray's tenure. I blame management.

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