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11-19-2012, 12:48 PM
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I cant believe MD thinks the grass is significantly bigger in the Big 10 enough to warrant a change of this magnitude. Blowing off the ACC isn't going to pull them out of the red, trust me. Their study was done with skewed optimistic best scenario data, by guys with ties to the Big 10. All of this thrust upon the board of regents with no time for a proper study.

Of course with ties to the Big 10 starting at the top, one can only imagine the kickbacks the clowns beating the drums for this dumb move are getting, and the board probably as well.

**** those ****heads for selling out 60 years of tradition for a quick buck. And our football team will probably still suck, and not get any significant TV time, and only face the losers in the Big 10, not the big names.

Puke on Purdue doesn't have that ring to it. Terps alum are ****ed.

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