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11-19-2012, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by mapes View Post
Prove it? Are you serious?

Mind you, you still need to know how to hit for it to make a difference, I can't take roids and suddenly know how to hit. But before Bonds took roids, he was still a great hitter. Roids just made him hit the ball further. Sosa, Big Mac. These guys knew how to hit. But if borderline MLB'ers take roids, nobody will notice. It's why I laugh at people who suggest Bautista takes steroids because he went from a career high of 16 home runs to 54. That's not how steroids work. They aren't magic.
Well, has it ever been proven what role overall strength plays in hitting a home run? How much of a role does swinging at the right pitch and your timing play?

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