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11-19-2012, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by sipowicz View Post
^ Gimme a break, no different than the attention the top players in the NHL receive on a nightly basis, personally I think it's a wakeup call to some of these NHL'ers playing in the AHL (during lockout) that it's a fine line between some of the so-called AHL'ers and being the 9-12 forward on a NHL roster.

The actual talent in the NHL is so thinly diluted that once you get past the top 6-9 forwards and top 4 D on most teams the talent at your A team is pretty much interchangeable, we saw a good example in Winnipeg last season with Mach. and Max at the end of last season and with the play of both Kulda and Festerling when they were called up.
You kinda shot yourself in the foot here.

Though i agree that a lot of the time the fourth line appears to be pretty interchangeable the sample size was soo unbelievably small that to assume any of the players you mentioned can keep up the pace over an 82 game season is foolish.

based on burmis stats he can be a thrid or fourth liner, but the players doing so much worse then him in the AHL right now are still interchangeable with our fourth line? I'm sorry but that doesn't make any sense.

Saying tim stapleton should be here over them, is CLEARLY based entirely off the stat sheet. You've already admitted you don't watch icecaps games so i'd highly doubt you've been streaming KHL games with any regularity.

Clearly, the only thing your basing your current assessments of how bad burmi is, is based entirely off the stat sheet, and what you saw in the NHL last year. We all saw him struggle, there's no denying that, but some of us are trying to find out what he's doing now, not just assuming nothings changed, which is what you are doing.

That's fine, but i can read a stat sheet myself. I'll listen to the people who have watched him play and believe what they say, which is essentially that he's dominating control but he and the team just can't get the puck home.

that sounds like an improvement to me, but you know, don't let any current information get in the way of your opinion.

And to add to how ridiculous your assessment is, the point of Adam Henrique is a good one. He got 50+ in the NHL last year but is struggling in the A this year, so he's barely a fourth liner too eh? just shows how good of a judge of talent the stat sheet is.

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