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Originally Posted by John-Eric Iannicello View Post
It's nice to see someone actually battle in-front of the net from our forwards. I bet if you looked back at all the Marlies goals this year there are a few where he's firmly planted in-front of the net causing chaos. I think it was the last Hamilton game where Desjardins was going out of his way to hit Komarov out of his crease on the PP lol.

That, compiled with the other traits in his game should allow him some stint in the NHL. He could be a nice depth option due to his style. Would hate to see him go (and I understand why he would leave), but would love to see him back at some point.
It does suck to see him go, but like many have said, his goal is to play in the NHL. It makes sense for him to head back to Russia and make more dough. Plus, the KHL is even better quality this year with all the NHLers over there, so its not like he'll lose a step.

To me, watching a handful of Marlies games, it looks like the north american game isn't going to be a huge adjustment for him either. He's fast, skilled and tenacious. I wouldn't be surprised if/when the lockout ends he comes back over ASAP and has a few more games with the Marlies before he's called up. In one of Seigel's interviews with him he's said his dream is still to play in the NHL. I don't see that changing.

Him going back to Russia in my opinion has nothing to do with him not being able to cut it or hating the North American way of life, it just makes sense financially for him and shouldn't hinder his game at all, i have no worries of him coming back

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