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11-19-2012, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Blueline Bomber View Post
Your Ward obsession seems to be on-par (if not surpassing) your Luongo one. You always bring the same tired arguments against Ward and are consistently shut down.

I especially love it when you bring up something ridiculous to criticize him on and then balk when it's shown that it applies to Luongo as which point you attempt to stumble around a shaky argument as to why it's not similar at all.

It's real simple with Ward. Those that don't watch him often simply don't see what kind of work he does and what kind of help he gets. The past couple years, he's been the most tested goaltender in the far.

- He's faced over 4500 shots the past two years. To compare, the next closest was Price at just over 4000. Despite the absurd amount of shots against, he put up a .918 SV% during that time.

- In that same time span, Ward has played in 28 games where he's faced 40 or more shots. To put that in perspective, that means in about 1 out of every 5 games he started, he's facing 40 or more shots. To compare, that's more than Miller (8), Lundqvist (8), Quick (5), and Fleury (3)...combined. And again, it's the most in the league by a long shot.

I'm not sure why Ward gets consistently written off. Seems like everytime he steals a game (which he has to do often enough), the opposing fanbase always makes some comment about "Why does he only play like this against us?".

Maybe there's a communication issue between the rest of the league, but he does it against everybody. He has to. Take a look at the record of Carolina backups and/or Carolina's record when Ward was injured. If Ward was playing in New York, Montreal, Vancouver, wherehave you. Anywhere where he could get some national coverage, he'd be getting some Vezina bids annually.
That's not true at all. The only rebuttals I've seen are "ward is good Lolz" and "ward faces lots of shotty zzz" and they really don't address anything at all.

Cam Ward's average stats are just that, average. You don't realize how having more shots can also improve a goalies SVP? That means if he lets in a bad goal or two a game, he can still post a decent SVP because there's more shots to shelter that.

Ward gets overhyped because of the playoffs, yet he was blown out of the water in the last playoff series he played in. And if injuries or defense is an excuse for him why doesn't that apply to anyone else? Specifically to this thread Carey Price has dealt with a defense that got absolutely destroyed to injury yet posted better numbers.

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