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11-19-2012, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Jet View Post
Occasionally, I just have to sit back and laugh at the fickleness displayed here. Tim Stapleton was dissed nonstop here last year... what's he doing on the PP? He's too small, why is he playing, etc etc. Now that he has found a niche in the KHL we are saying he's a better option than our AHL'ers?

Maybe, just maybe, different players have different skillsets that are more suitable in different leagues.

As for Alex Burmistrov... he isn't lighting it up the way we hoped, but I really do think he was mishandled in his young career, and I do believe it will get sorted out. It just might take a little longer for him to get his swagger back. He has undeniable talent and love for the game, so he has 2 unteachable components.
I was thinking the same thing the other day lol. It makes sense the stapler is having more success in a skill based league, which he has in spades, and doesn't have to worry about getting knocked into kingdom come. That being said, Cammalleri, St. Louis and Theo Fluery are all around the same size, yet they flourished here. Who the **** knows.

I'm not worried about Burmi. He'll figure his **** out. I'm sure of it. He's already demonstrated that he has the Defense down. Maybe he just likes that part of he game better or something. I have no doubts that when we he comes back to the NHL, he's going to improve by that same crazy amount that he did before.

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