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11-19-2012, 12:20 PM
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^ Yeah it was something like 25,000 people to the rally. Glendale's Save the Yotes rally was 150-200 if I'm not mistaken?

Further the only variable in either case is the team, otherwise both markets were in very different settings.

IE Jets 1.0
- Dealing with very low Canadian Dollar ($0.60 to $1 greenback).
- Public ownership of an otherwise derelict arena (most of the upper deck was obstructed view, yes I've sat there, yes it was scary as a kid).
- Owner didn't want the team anymore
- Our elected officials were smart enough to say "no money for you"

- Economy is still struggling, tons of people out of work (won't bode well to fire more, now would it?! But that's for another discussion).
- Brand new state of the art arena (what's the problem? Hell if the Jets 1.0 had a new rink we wouldn't have lost them, that was Shenkarow's biggest problem, no new arena in site).
- Elected officials are sticking their noses where it doesn't belong into a private sector.
- Owner doesn't want the team anymore.

Okay maybe two variables...

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