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Originally Posted by aqib View Post
The new owner of the Cleveland Browns hasn't finished selling his interest in the Steelers. In his case as soon as he started negotiating with the Browns he divorced himself from any involvement and he isn't allowed access to Steelers info and operations anymore.

Besides Bell is allowed to own pieces of the Leafs and Habs.
The issue isn't ownership but the fact that he would be the "controlling owner" of the Coyotes (controlling meaning the president not ncessarily the majority owner). A minority ownership in both clubs would be allowed, but once you are in charge of a club you can't have a stake in another club.

Baisically you can have wonership stakes in upto 3 clubs as long as only one of the clubs is >10% stake and is less than 30%. If you are a director or president or whatever of a club, or have >30% stake you cannot have a stake in any other club.

Article XIII of the NHL constitution: [Mod: auto download, click with care, plus it's here in the BOH sticky section]

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