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11-19-2012, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
Popp has been living on his reputation for quite a while now. Wouldn't mind if the Als go in another direction.

The Als have for the longest time been one the worst CFL teams when it comes to special team/ kicking and defense. They have lived off the offense for such a long time.


- defense got exposed - again
- we lost so much yardage on the field position game. Our kick-offs are weak, give up too much yardage on returns, and we can't see to generate yardage from our own return game.

That's where I think we lost the game. The casual fan will blame Bratton or Calvillo - but this game was lost on defense and special teams.

All year long people have complained about the defense. Many times rightfully so, but a couple of times unjustly. This team, all year long, as rarely been able to put teams away. At times the blame could be put on the overly aggresive defense giving up big plays. However, rarely have I seen people call out the offense for its complete lack of a killer instinct. Yesterday, in the first half the D conceded only what? 6 points? The D was bending but not breaking. They created two turnovers on the first two Argos possessions. We came away with 10 pts. Then, the D came up big with a goal line stand. On the other hand, the offense wasn't able to have a sustained possession until the scoring drive in the dying minutes of the half. AC with two terrible INTs was also to blame, no way around it. He had as much time in the pocket as Ray but he made two costly mistakes.

I will agree that the special teams were a problem all year long and have been for a while now though.

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