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11-19-2012, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by wheelz87 View Post
Eh I'm not as pissed as I am at Lefty as I am in Tomlin and his continued awful coaching. Leftwich did all he could, probably has broken ribs or something. He gets a chance to start for the 1st time in 3 years, of course he's not going to want to come out. Its Tomlin's job to take him out and go with Batch. You know, the qb who isn't wincing in pain after every ******* throw.

In other news, Dorian Johnson committs to Pitt!!

And MACK Leftwich is the man.
Yeah, the coaching was the big let down in this game. You can't expect Leftwich to pull himself unless the ribs are broken and tearing him up. Tomlin ultimately needs to step in and bring Batch in. Kick/Punt coverage has been bad all year and that was the biggest factor in the loss. The next biggest factor was offensive play calls and personal calls. Down by 3 with over 15 minutes to go and Mendenhall and the longer passing game take over. The last one was Wallace. He either holds on to the ball or catches that touchdown and Steelers win. He does both and probably a double digit win for them.

The absolute worst part is: Ravens made one play all night and the Steelers let them win off of it. Ravens' offense and defense played like ****. Flaco once again had a completely under whelming under pressure performance and Rice was a non factor. Their defense was average at best. They don't get one or both of those turnovers and it is a poor performance. Wallace gave up a really bad fumble and they got the pick off an under thrown ball imo. It very well could have been coverage too, but the ball came up short like a lot of others.

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