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11-19-2012, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by asdf View Post
He's not right though, especially when he should look at his own side as well. It would be the equivalent of a player getting suspended for elbowing and Matt Cooke tweeting "how many times is this guy going to do this?"

I'm not looking to be mad at the player. I liked Lupul but guys like him and Toews are acting like idiots. The PA hires guys like Goodenow and Fehr,and then act indignant about being locked out.

And as Hurt pointed out, it's not a real 50/50 that the PA offered. If they offer the same thing today (and I'll be surprised if they don't) this thing will continue and we'll get more tweets from players acting innocent saying that they just want to play hockey but the big, bad, evil owners won't let them.
Originally Posted by HockeyCrazed101 View Post
Except that the break suggested by Bettman was completely mischaracterized and players and their media supporters wasted no time jumping on ship to make stupid comments about it as though the comment came out of the blue. It was simply a rebuttal to something Fehr said. If the league truly didn't want to meet for two weeks, what would prevent them from simply refusing to come to the table for the next two weeks, moratorium or not? After all of this is done, these players and owners will all still be around, along with Bettman. I understand the players are frustrated but from time to time, they should allow common sense to prevail rather than allowing their emotions to mischaracterize situations just to get a good dig in.
Bettman made a comment suggesting they should take a two week hiatus on negotiations. Whether it was a joke or he was adamant and he was told by everyone no, doesn't matter. He said it. That fact isn't wrong.

Whether or not he was kidding about wasting 2 more weeks of the lockout and guaranteeing thousands of people 2 more weeks of useless unemployment doesn't matter. But BTW, what do you mean that it was taken out of context? Or "mischaracterized"?

Bettman has also overseen 3 lockouts in the NHL in his reign. That is also a fact. Lupul ISN'T wrong in stating that fact.

Allowing people who've lost their jobs and have had to travel half way around the globe for work the RIGHT to speak their minds is some of the basics of a free and democratic society. Whether that person is right or wrong, rich or poor, they are entitled to speak their mind. Telling him to shut up now when we have a tool to speak to each other on a global scale without the hampering of those in control, is counter productive to a free society.

Freedom of speech is important.

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