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11-19-2012, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by chessarmy View Post

Honestly, if they don't ****ing fix Be A GM mode next year I'm not buying their stupid game. I've waited 6 damn years for improvement and they've done basically nothing. No coaches, bland generic presentation, the mode just has NO LIFE to it. It is so bare bones and boring, I can't get into it because it just feels like I'm playing random hockey games that don't mean anything. Part of a great GM mode is making it feel like you're actually in the real NHL dealing with real people.

This is how you make a good GM mode -

-Make the draft like Madden, that Twitter feed is so cool!

-improve menu system, make it less bland.

-bring back the GM office from NHL 2004

-Include all real GMs from the NHL in-game, so when I make trades and receive feedback it feels like I'm getting it from an actual GM, not preset text boxes in a videogame.

-Create a half time show or some type of "around the league" type show which updates the latest news and happenings in the NHL, to make the GM mode feel more vibrant and real.

-COACHES COACHES COACHES. How in god's name do they have a GM mode with no COACHES!? Idiots.

-All star game complete with skills competition and festivities, again, make the game world feel real and interactive.

-Scouts that you can hire/fire, assistant GMs you can hire/fire, ability to waive players without having to send them down.

-Smaller markets don't sell out every single home game, this should be replicated in GM mode. Also, if you're last in the league and aren't Montreal or Toronto, you should have attendance problems.

-Team chemistry

-Player personalities, make these guys feel real, have some guys with attitude problems and others who are great locker-room leaders.

-League suspensions

-Brand new Stanley Cup Champion cut-scene with ability to skate around with the cup. We work hard to win the damn thing so make the cut scene long and worthwhile.

-Goalie fatigue, if your goalie plays too many games his attributes go down.

-THE MEDIA is a huge part of the hockey world, why not have a fake Twitter feed of some hockey insiders trying to predict upcoming trades. If a player on your team is underachieving, the media could start asking him questions about it, possibly making the situation worse. As a GM, you should be able to deal with the media as well, denying/confirming trades, things of that nature.

-In free agency, you speak to the player's agent not the player himself.

-Owner's favorite player - if the team owner doesn't want you to trade a certain player, you can't do it.

-New arenas, have the option to build a new arena after X number of years.

-Team funds, if salary cap is off, teams should still have to deal with funds like they do in real life.

-INCORPORATE THE OLYMPIC BREAK. Give the player an option to take control of an Olympic team every 4 years.

Its really unbelievable how lackluster GM mode is in NHL 13. Its TWO THOUSAND TWELVE, 30 years ago people thought we'd have flying cars by now and we can't even have a half-decent franchise mode from EA? Why is it that the GM mode in NHL 2004, an 8 year old game, is more in-depth than NHL 13? Inexcusable.

In summary, **** EA.
All of this except for the owner's favourite player part is a strong yes in my books.

On top of that.

-If they can't do an Olympic thing due to licencing, it wouldn't be too hard for them to have "EA Sports world tournament" or something along those lines that functions exactly like the Olympics. Although I would only accept them doing this if they made the country jerseys actually tolerable. Saw somebody else on here once suggest that they allow the community to design and vote on country jerseys. I would love that idea.

-Player form (like in fifa). How the hell have they not added this? If a player is playing well, bump up his attributes by a little bit, and vice versa if playing terrible. This makes it actually interesting managing lines, rather than having a line that you like and just keeping it exact same all season only changing it with injuries.

-Team customization update. Holy hell, how have they not done this yet? It's been the exact same system since like 2006. At least give us some new logos to work with, or the ability to give them 3rd jerseys, and an arena that isn't plastered with the EA logo everywhere you look. Madden does it right, with the ability to customize it awesomely, even having 2nd logos and alternate jerseys, and the ability to create an arena.

-EA also needs to learn that players get worse as they grow older. They overhauled the whole progression system this year, so I was incredibly hopeful, but instead they decided to make it so anybody who starts under 80 overall plummets to 60 at 35, and anybody over 80 overall stays the exact same until they retire. Do they not understand that not every single star player is going to stay the exact same until they're 39? Very annoying how in 2020, most of the teams have very similar rosters to what they have now. On top of that, young players still grow too slow, and most of the players don't touch NHL level until they are 25ish still, which is really late in real life.

-Maybe get like TSN/NBC licensing, get their announcers in there, make the score clock look like theirs. In general, make it look like you're actually watching it on tv, other games with that end up with a really awesome effect.

-Mentioned it before, but stop plastering the damn EA Sports logo on everything everywhere. We know who EA is, we already bought the damn game. They don't need to advertise themselves inside of their own damn game. It ruins the immersion effect seeing it everywhere in-game.

I could go on for days, but this post plus the one I quoted would make me the happiest guy ever if even 10% of it was included.

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