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Originally Posted by danincanada View Post
Do the same google search for Manitoba, Alberta, etc. There are year round rinks in a lot of places now and people are playing hockey during the summer.

I grew up in a small town and the more fortunate kids played summer hockey or attended summer hockey camps in the larger towns and cities nearby.

Besides, about 80% of Canada's population now live in urban areas anyways. Those "urban" areas are often near a larger city that does have a year round rink. The option is at least there now and many young players are fortunate enough to take advantage of it. If your son shows potential to make the NHL at an early age and loves hockey, if you could manage it wouldn't you pay to get him additinional icetime during the summer? That's what many people are doing.
Recent phenomena. Sherbrooke, QC opened in 2010, a few other Quebec centers in the last five years. Results are about 10 years away.

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