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11-19-2012, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by ap3lovr View Post
The problem with this "narrative" is that it assumes the fans matter in this. We don't matter 1 bit. The NHL doesn't care, and the NHLPA doesn't care. If both sides actually cared about their customers. We would be watching hockey right now. Not having meetings to schedule more meetings.

It doesn't matter what side of the fence any of us are on. Neither side actually cares about the fans. It would be nice to see teams with empty arenas once they open. It would be nice to see TV ratings so low that NBC uses their out clause. The only way either side is going to get the hint that the fans matter is by losing them. Otherwise we will see ourselves back here in another 5-10 years.
Right on. It would be fabulous to watch the sport we all love plunge back into total insignifigance, where the only "national" coverage it can get is on the OLN channel. It would be great if being a hockey fan in this town again meant being a punch line. Let's go back to THOSE days.

How anyone that is a fan of the NHL can be rooting for the league to fail in order to prove a point is beyond me.

This isn't necesarily a jab at the quoted poster, but Jesus is this place becoming insufferable. Was it like this during the last lockout, too?

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