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11-19-2012, 01:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Stoneman89 View Post
Should be a great GC. Lots of juicy storylines. For Calgary, it is finally a chance for Kevin Glenn to get redemption on that terrible twist of injury fate that robbed him of his chance to participate in the 2007 championship game. It will be yet another opportunity for John Cornish to try to keep his pants on for a second straight game. For the Argos, a chance to make history. Win the 100th Cup on home turf, and RR proving he isn't quite done yet. For Eric Tillman and Kavis Reed, yet another chance to look in the mirror and see a jackass.

Personally I'm pulling for Calgary because of Kevin Glenn.
worst possible grey cup matchup. Calgary vs the team that got ricky ray because of tillman.

I didn't want either team to make it, but I have to pick Toronto. I hate all Calgary teams and want them to never win anything. It wasn't Ricky Ray's fault he got traded, so mor epower to him if he wins. Plus he continues to be a class act.

It would disgust me to put up with what we've had to these past years and with everything this year, just to see the stamps win? ugh.
I still haven't recovered from the last time they won. crap.

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