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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Yeah, something doesn't add up here. The delay and outright cancellation, hoops sponsors and partners have to jump through? Management at those companies can change quickly, and the reallocation or cuts to ad spending can happen very quickly.
...its a mess, a Nightmare for many of them. They'll have produced collateral materials, print & broadcast (commercials), booked space with various publications; signed contracts with various media outlets (TV & Radio); on-line publishers & chat boards, expensive creative & production costs that they cant get back, even use elsewhere as its NHL or team/player specific and so Bam!, there goes millions in production costs, millions upon millions more in space & air-time reservations which usually contain penalties for cancellation.

As the primary demographic is the all important 18-34 year old male, followed by the 34-54yr old, a sizeable portion of which has had post secondary education with one of if not the highest combined household income averages in comparison to the NBA, MLB & the NFL, alternatives will have to be sought in the short-term. So lets say Brewery X or whatever goes on a spree elsewhere, finds out its actually a lot more cost effective, providing results; why bother going back to the NHL when the Lockout ends, facing an uphill battle to regain market share, your name associated with what many will view as a cold & completely callous league in taking its fans for granted? To retain these advertisers & sponsors, the leagues going to have to discount & wholesale rates for what, 2-3 seasons minimum? That alone is another loss of tens upon tens of millions. Cancelled cable subscriptions. Market shrinkage. Damn straight Ed Snider gets that.

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