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Originally Posted by Fidel Astro View Post
I have a question here, and maybe this is something a moderator or someone could answer: this Jets history stuff constantly comes up, and there's constantly misinformation, like in the quoted post, which is just full of it.

I realize most of this is easy verifiable, but not everyone is going to head over to Google to confirm it (or find out how much of it is ********). I feel that blatant lies like this (as an example, the attendance at the Save the Jets rally is clearly far greater than 8,000 just by looking at 10 seconds of the video on YouTube) just continue to muddy the waters, and people are going to see this kind of crap and later pass it off as fact in their own arguments.

Is there some way to have a sticky topic (or something) posted with solid, sourced information about the Jets 1.0 so whenever this stuff comes up, anyone spreading misinformation can just be pointed to a source of actual facts? I just feel like a lot of the aggression Coyotes fans have toward Jets fans (now that we're not trying to "poach" "their" team anymore) is based on factual inaccuracies... and this stuff has been rehashed so many times, it's almost pointless to set one person straight in a popular thread like this, because it'll just get buried and the same garbage repeated a few pages later.
Originally Posted by ajmidd12 View Post
^ Yeah it was something like 25,000 people to the rally. Glendale's Save the Yotes rally was 150-200 if I'm not mistaken?

Further the only variable in either case is the team, otherwise both markets were in very different settings.

IE Jets 1.0
- Dealing with very low Canadian Dollar ($0.60 to $1 greenback).
- Public ownership of an otherwise derelict arena (most of the upper deck was obstructed view, yes I've sat there, yes it was scary as a kid).
- Owner didn't want the team anymore
- Our elected officials were smart enough to say "no money for you"

- Economy is still struggling, tons of people out of work (won't bode well to fire more, now would it?! But that's for another discussion).
- Brand new state of the art arena (what's the problem? Hell if the Jets 1.0 had a new rink we wouldn't have lost them, that was Shenkarow's biggest problem, no new arena in site).
- Elected officials are sticking their noses where it doesn't belong into a private sector.
- Owner doesn't want the team anymore.

Okay maybe two variables...
Originally Posted by NHLfan4life View Post
As has been said and proven many times over, the Jets had the lowest ticket prices at the time and the lowest attendance. They didn't support their team at that time. Sure, they had lots of fans but they weren't going to the games. They had a last minute rally with 8000 fans but it was too late. Nobody (government or otherwise) wanted to pay to keep the team there. It wasn't just the NHL not wanting to bend over backwards, it was that there was nobody to negotiate with to keep them there. Winnipeg basically said NOPE.
All I can say is what is good for the goose....

There is a lot of misinformation from both sides. You can have have as many threads with the proper information and the postings will still happen. Just ignore the posts and life is good.

It is like trying to convince Donald trump that Obama is a naturalized American citizen. Just will not happen.

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