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11-19-2012, 01:38 PM
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I will never say anything bad about Bettman. If not for his willingness to expand into unconventional markets, we wouldn't even have a team. Bettman has been supportive of this market, to say the very least, by allowing us to hold NHL events like the All Star Game and NHL Draft to create buzz around the area. As odd as it is to say, without Bettman there is probably no me as a fan. And as much as that may be to the chagrin of the lot of ya, I am pretty glad I found this sport. As evil as what went down in Hartford was, I fully believe it was conspired between Bettman and Karmanos as two guys who saw promise in this area and untapped potential.

I hate this game of chicken as much as anybody, but I really don't think that Bettman has ever done anything to intentionally hurt the league. These CBA's have been poorly constructed on both sides and the owners and players both share a part in that fault. Unfortunately, the SUCCESS of the NHL is the reason there is no hockey right now.

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