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11-19-2012, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Ogopogo View Post
Never heard of this guy before but, I will say he is wrong about why people buy tickets. I always buy tix based on the players coming to town on the visiting teams. Before this season I would never have considered paying to see the Wild play but now I would.
Some people seem to think he is one of if not the most powerful voice in the sports media in the US. He literally is so powerful ESPN has allowed him to do whatever he wants. It is the reason he has his own off shoot web-site and he gets to write the exact style he wants. I suggest anyone check out it is an interesting take a lot of times on sports and pop culture. In any event to fill you in.


We knew Bill Simmons was important at ESPN, but we didn't realize just how important until we read this sentence from Karl Taro Greenfield at Bloomberg BusinessWeek: "On a recent Friday afternoon, of 100,000 visitors to, 60,000 were reading a new Simmons column."

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Greenfield reports Simmons' columns draw 750,000 uniques per month and his podcast is downloaded 600,000 times a month.

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Nobody knows what his actual deal is anymore only that Wilbon and Kornheiser now make jokes about his bank account. The feeling is he sky-rocketed past Rick Reilly and has basically no rules to what he does at ESPN anymore. He also has sold two best selling books.

In 2007, he was named the 12th-most influential person in online sports by the Sports Business Journal, the highest position on the list for a non-executive.

He is a heavy weight for people who have run around asking what the American response is, to have a guy like Simmons actually talk and explore the lockout is a big deal. He has a legion of followers and the fact he made the choice to do this on his weekly NFL picks lead in should also not be lost. That is one of his most read columns, he wants people to read this.

Now was everything right? Probably not, I don't know about the star point, I do agree with him on Suter and Parise even as someone that likes to buy tickets to see certain stars, they are not sexy stars that sell as far as they are coming to my town. But I no doubt fit into the loyal no matter what crowd he also eludes to, I just love hockey, I like to go to games. If you pressure me into picking a couple a year then yes stars might factor in, but I am much more interested in the product itself. Which is a large part of what he is getting at. The idea that most stars spend only a third of he time out there is interesting, I mean I know it but I have never really thought of what that means to the casual sports fan.

A lot of us aren't casual hockey fans. But Simmons is the kind of fan the NHL should want and not just because of how powerful he is. The guy literally wrote articles on whatever Olympic sport caught his fancy all summer, he becomes a powerful advocate for anything he starts to like. For example he wrote an article on Handball a sport rarely if ever seen in the US and it trended on twitter pretty much because of him alone. But more importantly he is a window into big sports and he has recently become a season ticket holder to the LA Kings. Even though he is an NBA guy he goes to all the NHL games in his city. He is explaining the things that confuse him and guess what if he is confused chances are this is more in line with how casual fans think.

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