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11-19-2012, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Riche16 View Post
This is blatantly false.

The 50/50 is not THE solution but it IS part of the solution. In no way shape or form will the NHL have a healthy, viable league paying out north of 50% to players.

Rev sharing needs to play a roll.

Contract restrictions need to be in place.

Just like the Cap... These things are coming... Weather the players like it or not. I'm not a Bettman fan, not even close. But I want a healthy NHL and these things will help. More than anything I don't want to see another lockout/strike in my lifetime. As unrealistic as that may sound.
Nope. No its not blatantly false. If a team can't afford $45m in payroll, then they can't afford it. Some rev sharing and a bigger cut will only help for so long. Sustained growth and moving teams to viable markets will surely push the floor above $50m. Teams will struggle to keep up. Math is not blatantly false.

Owners cheated the cba last time, they'll do it again. Restrictions, they have them. They work, NYR as the prime example. What they need is restraint, NYR as the prime example... both ways.

"Weather" people want to hear it or not doesn't change facts.

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