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11-19-2012, 01:49 PM
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And it's ridiculous how many franchises that Bettman has "saved" by refusing to allow poachers to make the NHL a traveling road show of ten year leases and instability. He floated Buffalo during their ownership debacle. He kept Pittsburgh afloat when the threat was incredibly real that they would lose their team. He kept his finger on the pulse of the Islanders so they would be safe to stay on the Island (or near it depending upon who you talk to). It goes right down the line. All these people that argue that overexpansion is a Bettman problem need to realize that along with the Coyotes, Blue Jackets, and Panthers of the league.... we would have lost those teams as well under a more fiscally cut and dry commish. While I personally abhor two of the three teams that Bettman has vetted, I value their history and meaning to the league. Yes, every one of those teams needed a white knight to emerge and save them financially but Bettman brokered those deals to avoid the fly by night operations that wanted to set up a new joint in Oklahoma City or Las Vegas or GTA or whatever hot spot location. I feel like he failed the Thrashers, but that situation got out of control so quickly that I am not entirely certain that WAS a way to reasonably save those guys and the demand for a team in Winnipeg was incredibly high.

There will come a day when our franchise needs a savior too. And when that day comes, I hope there is a guy like Bettman in charge to make sure that the preservation of all 30 franchises is the goal instead of the quickest means to make a positive mark on the financial ledger.

The people complaining about Bettman from around here, if you can forgive the political analogy, are like fiscal conservatives that utilize government initiatives set up by liberal politicians and in the same breath bemoan their existence and utilization by others.

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