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11-19-2012, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by danincanada View Post
You're a Bourque fan and this is your attempt to get him up to # 2 on the list. Just be honest and forthright and admit it for a change.

(This is where you claim you aren't biased because it's the history section so it's uber important to be fair - I don't buy it if you haven't noticed, there's just as much bias on here as any other board.)

Frankly, you're not showing very well if this is the route you want to go. I gave you plenty of material for an intelligent and dignified response. The moderators here have been clamping down on forumers questioning each other's motives, and for good reason.

In response to the Bourque/Harvey/Lidstrom thing, I told you from the start where I stand. My votes are all a matter of public record. I have nothing to hide and will happily discuss why I have Bourque over Harvey if you'd like. I don't need to do some kind of end-around involving Lidstrom to get there. I have him over Harvey and Lidstrom for almost identical reasons, so switching Lidstrom and Harvey around makes no difference to me. I just think it's an intriguing argument, less irritating than continuing the Bourque/Lidstrom epic argument and less challenging than dealing with Eddie Shore.

I asked you questions about it in post #277, then you said for me to use the search function. I asked you again in post #299 and you didn't respond. Either way, you were critical of my estimate but didn't offer your own which is against "prototcol" as well.
There's a big difference between "let me know your estimate" and "show me the arguments that were made last time this came up". I'm happy to offer an opinion but I'm not doing your homework for you. Are you going somewhere with these comments or is it just more catfighting?

In any case, the argument seems to have stalled at "your guess is as good as mine", which confirms the orginal comment that it probably wouldn't be worth our time to rehash it again.

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