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Originally Posted by Fidel Astro View Post

If someone is saying "the Jets rally only attracted 8,000 people," accurate attendance info isn't right at the fingertips, because it's decade-and-a-half old news. The insulting part, though, is that there are people here who were at that rally. I'm one of 'em. I was a teenager when the Jets left. I remember it quite well. So some guy from Arizona who probably couldn't even find Winnipeg on a map telling me that something I *attended* had drastically less people than it did is just... it's ridiculous.
Forget him. Ignore him. He called me a liar when I said that there were 9000 persons, at best, at the only Phoenix game I ever attended. I have pictures to prove it yet he knows better. He will soon be team less, so maybe he's angry and bitter. If anything, Winnipeg proved to be a great hockey market and I would wear your jersey proudly.

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