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11-19-2012, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
No they're not. I'm against a lot of what the PA does to the league but in this fight the NHL and the ultra-rich old white men that own the teams are the *******s.

Leopold signed Parise and Suter to giant mega-deals just so he can cut down their salaries by 20% a few months later. They'd lose 20m+ each. What a ******* move.
Well first off, I don't think it really matters. The guy is trying to improve his team and unless he dished out huge chunks of cash, he wasn't getting Parise/Suter. Now, salary rollbacks is talked about and some owners want it, he has every right to be for it as well.

Second, they're talking about a 12% rollback, not 20. That means Parise and Suter would lose 11.76M over their 13 year contract. That's less than 1M per year. Not to mention, they have 25M secured as signing bonuses over the first three years.

All in all, next year, instead of making 12M, they would make 10.56M (without counting the 10 bonus). Cry me a freaking river would you?

Keep in mind, if they don't play this year, they miss out on more than the 12% rollback being asked. They would lose 12M this year if the season is fully canceled as opposed to 11.76M over 13years.

As I previously mentioned, both sides are losers, but now the players aren't even capable of cutting their losses short. It's looking a lot more like an ego match between Fehr and Bettman.

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