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Originally Posted by WineShark View Post
The highlighted stat is a good one that I hadn't seen. Its consistent with my thinking that the players are getting a good deal on the whole and missed a chance to negotiate off the platform the League advanced at 50/50 share of revenues.

Yes - it takes two to negotiate so there is always blame to share, but effective negotiating also recognizes when you have a 'good enough' deal from which to work. Feher missed out on a good opportunity in my mind.
Do look a couple sentences before that highlight. NHL revenue sharing is 66% lower than other leagues. That is the biggest problem that needs to be rectified.

The NHL is not exactly a cash-cow league, it's not making so much money hand over fist that it can easily make fair payroll on a smaller percentage of revenues. It is going to have higher labor costs by percentage because it is a less successful product. So that figure is not inherently damning of the players. It could just as easily be used to condemn the owners who should see a higher player share in a less popular league as a necessity.

Remember all this lip about the NHL being a "blue collar league" ...

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