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11-19-2012, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by WineShark View Post
The highlighted stat is a good one that I hadn't seen. Its consistent with my thinking that the players are getting a good deal on the whole and missed a chance to negotiate off the platform the League advanced at 50/50 share of revenues.
I didn't really follow the other lockouts that deeply, but was the definition of basketball-related revenue (BBRR) or football-related revenue (FBRR) as hot a topic as HRR has been? And how do those compare.

Looking at an article I saw on the other day, they talked about the panthers as a team, operating at a loss, but during the previous lockout, instead of gaining income, the ownership group had it's worst year ever. That doesn't really sound like the team is truly operating at a loss, just a loss under certain definitions. All of that, to me, suggests that is a very strong argument that the definition of HRR is very much slanted towards the ownership. If that isn't the case for the NBA/NFL, then while the NHL players may get 14% more of the "revenues" that revenue pie is defined to be a smaller portion of the "real" revenue pie that it would be under a more comparable definition, and perhaps that 14% makes up some of that difference?

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