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11-19-2012, 03:22 PM
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I've long resented Bettman for his role in me losing my team. I feel he played a significant role in it happening, and for that I still even now get a little angry when I see him on video. I was generally against expansion to the southern areas, though not to the obnoxious extent of others. I long ago accepted that and have no problem with it generally now. I get angry at Bettman for not admitting enough is enough with a few of these teams, he is loathe to admit he is wrong and go back and do something like he did with Winnipeg.

Regardless, I think he is a very strong leader and that the league has grown greatly under him. I never doubt that he is three steps ahead of everyone in every single argument from all angles or topics when it comes to the league. He is steadfast and unwavering. He is the perfect man to represent the owners and does an impressive job leaving a wide enough shadow for them to hide behind. The players attacking him look like rubes and imbeciles. They are bringing harsh language to a gun fight.

I believe Bettman has the leagues best interests at heart when he fights, whether I agree with his pov or not. I could never say the same about fehr.

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